While the AHC’s mission is to advocate for the social, economic and legislative interests of the United States equine industry, we also believe it is important to educate the general public about the benefits of horse-related activities.

Additionally, several informational links are provided for those already actively involved in the industry.


So you don’t think riding provides any health benefits? Think again! Check out this handy postcard on the health benefits of riding!

Horses and Horseback Riding have also been found to have a profound effect on the development of children, as well as individuals with disabilities:
There are also several wonderful organizations that assist individuals in working with horses:

Horses can also provide both a physical and economic benefit to the community!
Communicate the Benefit of Horses- Equine Land Conservation Resource
Horses in History- Equine Heritage Institute
The Horse- American Museum of Natural History


Disaster and Emergency Preparedness is becoming more critical for not only humans, but equines as well.

Emergency and Disaster Preparedness- American Association of Equine Practitioners

Owner Emergency and Disaster Preparedness– American Association of Equine Practitioners

Natural Disaster: Are you and your horse ready?– TheHorse.com (interactive test)

How to Help Those Affected by a Natural Disaster:

Already involved in the industry and looking for something specific? We can help you there!