The Power of Horses

This full-color booklet includes an overview of the 2017 Economic Impact study of the Horse Industry on the United States. It is an excellent educational tool that gives an entertaining and informative look at the nation’s horse industry. Free with certain levels of membership.

This booklet is intended to provide high-level details of the economic impact study. If you are interested in a more in-depth analysis, we suggest you purchase the full economic impact study here:

2017 Economic Impact Study of the U.S. Horse Industry

In this anticipated update from 2005, the National Economic Impact Study details the number of horses by state and in the US, industry spending activity, jobs created both directly and indirectly, number of participants in the equine industry, a comparative analysis of states that received breakout reports* and much more!

*The AHC anticipates the state breakout reports to be available by the beginning of April.