Dr. Richard D. Mitchell, Fairfield Equine Association (USEF), Chairman (since 2013)

Joseph Santarelli, Jr., Mersant International

Keith Kleine, American Association of Equine Practitioners

Ward Stutz, American Quarter Horse Association

Dr. Nat White, American Association of Equine Practitioners/EDCC

Dr. Peter Timoney, University of Kentucky (representing The Jockey Club)

Janet Patterson Kane, Morris Animal Foundation

Jill Wagner – GlobalVetLINK

Susan Tuller, Covetrus

Dr. Scarlette Gotswals – Brookledge Transport

Dr. Nathan Voris – Zoetis

Bill Scebbi, Coalition of State Horse Councils


Katherine Flynn, California Department of Agriculture

Dr. D. Paul Lunn, North Carolina State University

Dr. Linda Mittel, Cornell University Veterinary School

Dr. Tom Lenz, American Association of Equine Practitioners, Chairman (since 2015)

Kathy Alm, Professional Association of Therapeutic Horsemanship

Gary Carpenter, National Reining Horse Association

David Foley, American Association of Equine Practitioners

Ward Stutz, American Quarter Horse Association

Beth Podhajecki, President Carriage Operators of North America

Dr. Steve Schumacher, United States Equestrian Federation

Alece Ellis, President, Friends of Sound Horses

Robert Puetz, United States Polo Association

Dr. Emily Weiss, ASPCA

Kristin Leshney, Jockey Club

Dr. Eleanor Green, AQHA

Lee Sackett, Coalition of State Horse Council/Wisconsin Horse Council

Chrystine Tauber, USEF, Chairman (since 2018)

Darrell Bilke, Pinto Horse Association of America

Gary Carpenter, National Reining Horse Association

Stephan Hienzsch, United States Dressage Federation

Bill Moroney, United States Equestrian Federation

Stan Morey, Arabian Horse Association

Billy Smith, American Paint Horse Association

Justin Billings, American Quarter Horse Association

Rob Burk, United States Eventing Association

Anthony Bartowski, PRCA

Harold Palmer, Jockey Club

Lynette Thompson, Appaloosa Horse Club

Bud Wills, Coalition of State Horse Councils/Pennsylvania Equine Council

Alex Waldrop, National Thoroughbred Racing Association, Chairman (2013)

Kathleen Anderson, Equine Veterinary Care, AAEP

Alan Foreman, Chairman, Thoroughbred Horsemen’s Associations

Eric Hamelback, National HBPA

Matt Iuliano, The Jockey Club

Tom Luchento, Harness Horsemen International

Edward J. Martin, Assn. of Racing Commissioners International

Dan Metzger, Thoroughbred Owners & Breeders Association

Chauncey Morris, KTA/KTOB

Lonny Powell, FTBOA

David Richardson (MD Thoroughbred)

Cricket Goodall (MD Horse Breeders)

Hank Zeitlin, Thoroughbred Racing Associations

Mike Tanner, United States Trotting Association

Joe Wilson, President, Thoroughbred Racing Associations

Janet Vanbebber, American Quarter Horse Association

Dr. Glenn Blodgett, American Quarter Horse Association

TBD, Coalition of State Horse Councils

Craig Huffhines, American Quarter Horse Association, Chair (since 2018)

Monica Chapman, American Endurance Ride Conference

Randy Rasmussen, BCHA
Gwen Wills, Coalition of State Horse Councils, Pennsylvania Equine Council


Holly Groshek, Equine Land Conservation Resource

Kristin Werner, Jockey Club, Chair

David Foley – AAEP

Dr. Clara Mason – AVMA

Ward Stutz – AQHA

Dr. Emily Weiss – ASPCA

Julie Broadway – AHC, Chair

Dave Andrick – AIM

Taylor Troyer, Troxel/Weaver

Gary Carpenter – NRHA

Mark Coley/Vicki Lowell – USEF

David Foley – AAEP

Craig Huffhines – AQHA

Jamie Kinnear – Purina

Melissa Kitchen – AIM

Christy Landwehr – CHA

Jessica Normand – Zoetis

Billy Smith – NPHA

Theresa Woods – US Pony Club

Tom Spalding/Chris Jacobi – Spaulding Labs

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