Congressional Cavalry

Get Involved

It’s important that all members of the horse community are aware of federal issues that impact them and the horse industry. They also need to be willing to get involved and take action when Congress or federal agencies are making decisions that concern the horse community. There are several ways individuals can get involved.

Know the Issues

Visit the AHC issues page to learn about current federal issues that impact the horse industry.

Sign up for the Congressional Cavalry

The Congressional Cavalry is the AHC’s grassroots network. We let members of the Cavalry know when action on federal issues is needed and how to contact their Members of Congress via our AHC ACTION ALERTS. There is no cost to join the Cavalry and you will only receive Action Alerts from us when necessary.

To sign up for the Congressional Cavalry, click here!

Join the AHC

Join the AHC and support our work to ensure all segments of the horse community are represented in Washington. The AHC is the only organization that works exclusively on national issues that impact any part of the horse industry.

Visit our Individual and Organizational Membership Pages to figure out which membership is best for you. You may also call (202) 296-4031 or email to join or receive more information about memberships available.

Contact Your Member of Congress

Members of Congress need to hear directly from members of the horse community so they understand the importance of horse industry in their states and districts.

To find and contact your Representatives and Senators visit or Call or email about any issue that is important to you. You can also contact the district office closest to where you live and ask about any events you can attend or find out when your Member will be in your area and request a meeting.

If you are planning a trip to Washington D.C. be sure and request a meeting with your Congressman or Senator while you are here. The AHC would be happy to help arrange that. If you need help scheduling a meeting please email Bryan Brendle at or call (202) 296-4031.